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Your Brand Strategy

A brand is much bigger and more important than you think. It is mistakenly often thought of as a company’s logo. However, your brand encompasses nearly everything you do – from the tangible aspects like your name, logo, colors, the look and feel of product and packaging, to the speed and efficiency of the service you offer. Your brand is a promise made (your message) and a promise kept (your actions). Branding lets everyone know who and how you are.

We feel a successful brand is the result of a well-defined strategy, creativity, and the ambition to take the INITIATIVE.

Branding influences a beneficial process:

Your Brand


Who & How You Are (the process begins with identity)


What You Say You Will (delivering on the brand promise)


The Customer (make your brand a great experience)


Consumers To Your Brand (they trust and consistenly choose your brand)


is Born (your brand becomes the obvious choice, even with a premium)

A Full Branding Experience

A healthy brand becomes a lifestyle through strategy, storytelling and influence. CGI will define and position your brand so that your story can tell itself.

In an overly saturated market or a rapidly expanding industry, the dilemma is the same. Consumers are inundated with numerous brands and choices while attention spans are shrinking. So how can your brand’s message be the most effective and memorable? How do you blast through the friction of a fledgling industry and global disharmony – not just to be noticed, but actually embraced?

The answer lies in elevating your brand to what your customers aspire to be, to the level of what represents their aspirations. With cannabis we don’t just consume brands, we live them. They embody our lifestyle.