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Government Services


Now that the United States is moving toward legalization, there is more momentum than ever to end prohibition and assure that all have access to high quality cannabis that is safe and affordable.

Cannabis Global Initiative’s (CGI) is dedicated to the sustained growth and regulation of the cannabis industry. We work with municipalities, policymakers, and other cannabis-related entities in local, national, and international markets.

Our team has been involved from the onset of the statutory and regulatory models developed in Colorado. CGI includes cannabis production experts, chemists and business owners that lead the way in safety and efficacy, and who are routinely sought after as subject matter experts. Working with legislators, law enforcement, and industry and community leaders, we participated in all phases of creating the laws and regulations that have held up as the working model for this industry.

Every political candidate will see pressure surrounding their cannabis policy attract inquiry, especially as we get closer to electing our next POTUS. The popularity of the industry in terms of social justice, job creation, revenue generation, medical breakthroughs and recreational use will make this a political issue on every level. CGI has a political team ready to assist politicians with their messaging and crafting their position on cannabis in a positive and constructive way.

It is considerably more effective to have a clear and positive cannabis communications plan, instead of a reactionary cannabis crisis management plan. CGI understands Political Communications and Cannabis Policy. We are experts in both and we are here to help.

CGI helps clients develop their government affairs strategies to impact public policy, identify and deepen relationships with public officials. Successful government advocacy efforts begin with thoughtful and fully vetted strategies. CGI works with its clients to identify the goals for their business or advocacy campaigns and develops the most effective strategies and tactics to reach those goals.

Important public policy decisions are made by regulatory agencies, state legislators, congress people, senators and most importantly, by the voters. CGI works with business to develop favorable legislative outcomes. We work with politicians to craft effective messaging and position statements for the communities they serve. And we work with governments to help produce regulations that are positive for the business community, tax and revenue generation.

Developing regulations is a multi-step process that involves public input, hearings and submission of comments, drafting of the language, and the guidance with the final rules. The CGI team has been involved with political processes for over 25 years.

When it comes to issues with widespread impacts to entire communities, you need more than advertising to help your constituents understand all the ways they may be affected. You cannot always rely on the media to convey the nuances of your message to the masses, and you need more than marketing to reach everyone you need to engage. Ultimately, you must do more than deliver your message. You must make sure the public UNDERSTANDS your message, which takes credibility.

This is where CGI shines! No one can create a deeper understanding of issues at the heart of what we must do in the cannabis industry. We’ve been leading from the start.

In addition to marketing, advertising and public relations, our strategies include outreach and engagement, the leveraging of solid, trusted relationships with community and thought leaders, and a thorough vetting of all campaign messages. Most importantly, we do all this through the lens of both mainstream diverse segments of the population for powerful, culturally sensitive messaging that fires on all cylinders.

Our approach works. And our team has crafted and executed public education campaigns for the Denver Preschool Program, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Education, and the Colorado Department of Education, to name a few. We can do the same for you.