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The Cannabis Global Initiative is more than just a specialized consulting firm, it's the ingenious strength of industry insiders, government strategists, cannabis business pioneers, advocates and lobbyists united together to provide unparalleled progress in the changing new landscape of safe, sustainable, and beneficial cannabis legalization.

CGI business consulting is comprehensive, including: Dispensary Operations, Legislative Compliance, Brand Development, Identity Management, Public Relations, Web Design, Digital Media Marketing, Social Media Management, Advertising and Design.
CGI has the knowledge to work within a legal and regulated market. CGI delivers concrete solutions through strategic alliances, political positioning, regulation, public policy, message development, and public education related to the decriminalization and legalization of cannabis in local, national, and international markets.

Business Services

CGI Business Consulting

At CGI, we understand cannabis entrepreneurship. We know few businesses require as much hard work, incur countless challenges, the intensity of the risk.

Our team helped craft many of the laws of regulation, we are experts in keeping you informed of potential changes to operating regulations before they make it into law.

Cannabis regulatory compliance and licensing is only the beginning. We believe a successful brand is the product of careful strategy, creativity and the initiative to go big. Our innovative targeted strategies can help you achieve this with meaning, power and profit.

We’re ready to go to work for you.

With our suite of consulting services, we equip new and growing businesses with critical, relevant tools to compete and thrive in the cannabis industry:


    We've created a blueprint to help new license holders get their retail operations up and running with tried and true standard operating procedures.


    Your brand is much bigger than you think – it encompasses nearly everything you do – from the tangible aspects like your name, logo, colors, the look and feel of product and packaging, to the speed and efficiency of the service you offer.

  • Public Relations

    It takes more than getting placement on TV outlets, radio stations, newspapers, magazines, and online to effectively leverage media relations and outreach. CGI builds on our relationships. We turn our media contacts into collaborators, and create trusted advocates for our clients and campaigns.


    Public Speaking can make even the most passionate nervous. We're hands-on when it comes to helping our clients look great, be prepared and speak comfortably while they steal the spotlight.


    We go the extra mile to put our clients in the best position to handle a crisis. We help to navigate our clients towards the best possible outcome and put our exceptional PR team in charge of managing the reputation of your company.


    Customized for your brand's target audience, we integrate social media marketing with traditional media, web development, SEO, advertising, and events to ensure you receive ROI on your campaigns.

    CGI offers consulting services to design solutions customized to each brand's objectives. In-house services available include:


    • Content Strategy
    • Multi-Networking
    • Network Development
    • Digital Campaigns
    • Influencer Marketing
    • Online Monitoring
    • Online Advertising


    • Idea Creation
    • Print Ads
    • Large Format Advertising, Billboards, Vehicle Wraps
    • Commercials, Videos & Trailers
    • Collateral & Press Material Development
    • Custom Packaging & Labeling
    • Other Creative Forms of Promotional Materials

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Government Services


Cannabis Global Initiative’s (CGI) is dedicated to the sustained growth and regulation of the cannabis industry. We work with municipalities, policymakers, and other cannabis-related entities in local, national, and international markets.

Our team has been involved from the onset of the statutory and regulatory models developed in Colorado. CGI includes cannabis production experts, chemists and business owners that lead the way in safety and efficacy, and who are routinely sought after as subject matter experts. Working with legislators, law enforcement, and industry and community leaders, we participated in all phases of creating the laws and regulations that have held up as the working model for this industry.


    CGI has a political team ready to assist politicians with their messaging and crafting their position on cannabis in a positive and constructive way.

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    CGI helps clients develop their government affairs strategies to impact public policy, identify and deepen relationships with public officials and develop best practices for the cannabis industry.

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    When it comes to issues with widespread impacts to entire communities, you need more than advertising to help your constituents understand all the ways they may be affected.

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